The activities of the Fiduciary Companies are regulated by the Law 1966 of 23 November 1939, the Italian Royal Decree (R.D.) n. 136 of 22 April 1940, and by the Italian Ministerial Decree of 16 January 1995, stating the procedure and criteria to obtain the authorization for the provision fiduciary services and the relevant rules of supervisory and control.

SIST offers the following services:

Registration and administration, on its name, but on behalf of the Client, of financial and real assets;

Administration of financial and real assets (without registration in the name of SIST);

Assistance to Holding companies in the fulfilment of the relevant Italian requirements (“Anagrafe dei rapporti”)

Assistance to shareholders of listed and non-listed companies;

Underwriting of insurance policies as contract holder and/or beneficiary;

Trustee and Protector services;

Escrow Agent services