Sist Srl was incorporated in 2007 and carries out “static” fiduciary activity as per the relevant authorization granted by the Ministery of Economic Development by D.D. dated 11thDecember 2007.

Sist Srl is a member of Assofiduciaria, its activities concern the registration and administration of financial and real assets on behalf of third parties with the utmost respect of privacy, guaranteed by the mandate entrusted.


Registration and administration, on its name, but on behalf of the Client, of financial and real assets;

Administration of financial and real assets (without registration in the name of SIST);

Assistance to Holding companies in the fulfilment of the relevant Italian requirements (“Anagrafe dei rapporti”)

Assistance to shareholders of listed and non-listed companies;

Underwriting of insurance policies as contract holder and/or beneficiary;

Trustee and Protector services;

Escrow Agent services